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Nick Rojas is a self-taught, serial entrepreneur who has enjoyed success working with and consulting for startups. Using his journalism training, Nick writes for publications such as Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, and Yahoo. He concentrates on teaching small and medium-sized enterprises on how best to manage their social media marketing and define their branding objectives. @NickARojas

What Mobile and Voice Search are Doing to SEO

Mobile and Voice Search Doing to SEOMore than half of teens use voice search on a daily basis, and adults aren’t far behind, with around 40% of them admitting to performing search queries by voice. People are also turning to their mobile devices to make searches.

A new report states that almost 60% of searches are made from a mobile device. Why does this matter? Marketers tend to focus on what users are searching for, but fail to consider how they are searching. Now that mobile and voice search have officially taken over, it’s important for marketers to understand how this shift could affect their SEO strategies.

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How Negotiations Can Power Your Content Marketing

Most digital marketers are used to negotiating while closing a deal with a client or bringing on a new hire. But what you might not know is that the same skills you use to be a good negotiator can transfer to fueling your content marketing. When you post a piece of web content, you are basically negotiating for the consumer’s time.

Negotiations Power Content Marketing

This is what makes content marketing so important. You are convincing the reader that something about your content is compelling and worth the investment in time and energy.  With the proliferation of content shock, people’s attentions are pulled towards consuming content from a million sources.  Mastering negotiations as it applies to content marketing is a powerful way to win the battle for attention.  Continue reading