How to Increase Customer Engagement with APIs

API Customer EngagementIf you want to run a business with ultimate efficiency, you have to rely on a degree of automation. Yet many businesses drag their heels when moving into the future and leveraging new technologies. It’s easy to rely on time-tested processes when they work. However, if you want to maximize profits, increase productivity, and decrease monotonous tasks for your employees, you must consider implementing APIs.

What is Mobile-First Indexing & How Does it Affect SEO?

Mobile-First IndexingYou’ve been working hard to create a high-ranking site for your brand, but the SEO world moves fast and trends can change in the blink of an eye. Maybe you’re confused by a term you’ve heard a lot in passing lately: mobile-first indexing. Wondering what it is and how it could impact your work? Don’t worry: here’s a handy primer that will help you adjust to this important new development.

Turning The Table On Our Own Marketing And Sales Process

Marketing and Sales ProcessThis is a difficult post for me to write. As the founder of a digital marketing services firm, my role is and has always been to help clients build systems that will lead the right prospective clients to them and help to convert those early leads into qualified sales opportunities. When we sit down with businesses to review their processes of building awareness, generating leads, converting leads into sales, and continuing to engage with those clients to provide ongoing value and relationships that will lead to referrals, the first things we look at are their websites, the content they’re publishing, and the channels they’re using to promote that content. We ask a zillion questions about their prospective customers and review their processes for generating, converting, tracking, and engaging with new leads. We are looking for the areas of opportunity, the holes where they are likely losing prospective clients along the way, and the ways we can help them to grow their business.

How to Add Influencers to Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing continues to open new revenue opportunities for brands and businesses. A powerful influencer marketing campaign can increase the reach of your products and services and build an instant bridge of trust between your audience and business. More importantly, it is a digital marketing strategy with an enticing ROI.

Creative Ways To Get Your Business Noticed

In today’s digitally charged world, people are exposed to thousands of ads- potentially 10,000. In the early days of Facebook and Twitter, it was unique and exciting to interact with brands on social media. Now it’s expected. The same goes for traditional media/advertising, just having a presence isn’t enough. In order to compete for a consumer’s valuable time – you have to be memorable.

Think about some of your favorite commercials. What attracts you to them probably isn’t how much money they spent or how far-reaching their campaign was – it was something special that stood out from all the other commercials you saw that today. You don’t have to spend money to be creative.